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• Single Vision provides one focal point of vision, distance, near or intermediate for computer work.

• Bi-Focal allows for two focal points of vision, distance and near.

• Tri-Focal lenses give three focal points of vision, distance, intermediate and near.

• Progressive Lenses allow optimal vision for all focal points: far, intermediate and near without visible lines.

• Blue Light Filtering Lenses -  We are an Eyezen authorized retailer.  Reduce eye strain from digital devices so you can focus on what matters to you.




• Plastic, commonly called CR-39, is a standard material used in the United States for ordinary prescriptions.

• Polycarbonate is both light weight and durable - generally used for children's eyewear and sports eyewear.

• Mid-Index is a thiner alternative to plastic often used for mild hyperopic prescriptions.

• Hi-Index is also a thinner alternative to plastic but is used for mild myopic prescriptions.

• Super-Index - the thinnest alternative to plastic available is used for very strong prescriptions.



• Transitions, lenses provide an all day visual comfort adjusting to light both indoors and out, adjusting to varying levels of sunlight throughout the day.

• Anti Glare, Protect your glasses against glare, smudges, scratches and dust.  Crizal lenses help you see better, look better and feel better.

• UV coating protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light.   Our lens coating protects your eyes from  both UVA and UVB light.




• Linton Opticians is home to a state of the art on site laboratory.  We can promise you the best in detailed vision care, because we make your glasses.




•Air Titanium



•Etina Barcelona

•Jonathan Adler

•Kate Spade


•Lucky Brand


•Ronit Furst




•Swiss Flex

•Vera Wang

•Zac Posen

•Zen Barcelona


•Maui Jim


•Oliver Peoples

•Paul Smith

•Pro Design

•Ray Ban


•Robert Marc



Whether you are looking for eye glasses or sun glasses,  frames are a personal choice.  They reflect your personality and are your window to the world.   At Linton Opticians in Evanston, Illinois we have the experience to help you select eye wear that is comfortable, flattering and fun. Great glasses start with a great eye exam, please call for an appointment to see our eye Dr. if you are in need of an eye exam.  We also accept prescriptions from outside offices and work closely with many of the best eye doctors in the Chicago Metropolitan area.


We pride ourselves on a fine collection of brands from the designers around the world.  In addition we provide frames for every face.  We understand that one size does not fit all.  We offer infant, children's, standard and petite adult eye wear.  Stop by today to review our impressive selection.


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